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6047 Twp. Rd. 501
Big Prairie, OH 44611
Telephone; (330) 464 7095
     Dreaming Only Gets You So Far! Let Us Help With The Next Step!
Call us and let us help you plan your outbuilding construction, new home, or restoration project. Remember, we can help you create plans, determine budgets, and help you completely understand your project in CAD visualizations, detailed Specs, and straight forward contracts, before you make any long term commitments regarding your project.

Thanks for visiting our website, and if you share the same enthusiasm for spectacular modern, rustic structures, or would like to discuss restoring and preserving timeless log or timber structure, you are at the right place.

Raymond Wengerd, 
Owner, Town & Country Log Homes LLC    
 Town & Country Log Homes, Experts of Wooden Homes
 New Homes, Wood Restoration, Media Blasting, Conventional Construction

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